Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New crochet creation

In my previous post I've mentioned a new amigurumi family member. Yes. It is a girl. She has red hair and is wearing her new blue striped crochet dress. She is not completed yet, but anyway I want to share with you. Have a look.

Check back soon for new updates! ;)


  1. I wonder if she will have big eyes and a smile on her face? ;-)
    She is a cute right now.

  2. A girl with a long red hair. It looks like she has just come from a fairy tale. Very nice little lady. What is her name ?

  3. Thank you, Elke! Yes, she will have big eyes and a smile surely :) I'm working on this. She will also have few accessories.

    Thanks, Igor! She doesn't have name right now. I usually have problems with names :). But I'm working on this also. Hope she'll got a name before I finish.
    Btw, do you have any ideas? You wrote, that she looks like she came from fairy tale. What tale might that be?

  4. The name will come from your heart if you ask for it =)

    It might be a tale about a girl from a wonderful world. She looks very nice in that feminine dress. Long red hair makes her pretty, charming and special. In that world she might have friends who always support her and share her adventures. When I look at her I imagine her traveling and exploring new uncharted lands full of beauty, exciting discoveries and breathtaking landscapes.

    Red color reminds me of roses and cherries. So I would suggest Cherita, Rosita or Florita :D If anything else comes upon my mind I'll let you know. You'll get the name just open your imagination and let it come. Don't push yourself.

    Have fun !