Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crochet patchwork pillow case

Hi again. There is one more thing I want to share with you today. Finally I've finished my crochet project - patchwork pillow case.

I was inspired by Lucy from Attic24 and her nice pillow. While started working on this project I had some blue, light blue and purple yarn and I wanted to make it all in 3 colors, but I had not enough purple yarn. I haven't found the same color at the store and decided to add some more colors - gray and bluish-gray. I think my pillow looks even better after that, doesn't it?

So I had three kinds of crochet squares: with purple center (22 items), with bluish-gray center (20 item) and with gray center (8 items for corners only)

So I had 50 squares in total

25 for each side of the pillow

When I was done with separate squares, I crocheted them together. It was quite a fast and pleasant process. While crocheting together each block you're doing small steps on the way to finishing the whole thing, actually you're viewing it's slow birth in your hands. That's very exiting and breathtaking. Only at this time you can actually see how will your pillow look like.

After crocheting, I sewed some buttons and here it is - my new long awaited pillow!

Now I'm a happy owner of a crocheted patchwork pillow. Hope you've enjoyed!

Spring flowers

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting. Hope you all doing good and enjoying today's day.

I spent last weekends visiting my grandma in small town Boyarka, that is near Kyiv (about 30 min by train). She has a huge collection of flowers. She loves to grow flowers and she always had a lot of them.

I found some photos from the last year visit approximately at the same time at the beginning of spring. Some flowers at the backyard were already blooming. First of all - Fritillaria imperialis - a gorgeous orange flower. There are a lot of legends of how did this flower appeared. One Persian legend tells about a beautiful queen and her very jealous husband. Once king got angry at the trifle, undeservedly offended the queen and sent her away from the castle. Gods saw that, they pitied the queen and turned her into a beautiful flower. Her legs rooted into the soil at the entrance to the palace and the crown turned into beautiful golden bells.

Another flower is "Forget-me-not". By the way, it's name means the same "Don't forget me" on many other languages: "незабудка" in Russian, "pomnenka" in Czech, "niezapominajka" in Polish, "Vergiss mein nicht" in German, "Souvenez-vous de moi" in French.

Lovely soft pink gyacinth.

And one more unknown flower. Does anybody know how is it called? Here are some photos. If somebody knows, please comment, I'll be very grateful.

Little color-flower therapy had come to its end! Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Violet blooms

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We have a nice sunny day, but it's still cold a little. It was even snowing on Saturday - in the middle of March.

The beautiful violet in our room finally opened its petals and showed the fabulous purple colour.

I already wrote that this is not my violet, I was asked to look after it for some time, and I want to plant my own violet. Maybe the Violet felt my wish and gave me the leaf. It happened few weeks ago when I found small buds on it and was taking some photos. I made a careless move and suddenly realized that there is a leaf in my hand. Now the leaf is planted and lives near his mommy. Hope closeness to the mom and my huge desire will help my little violet to grow in a beautiful flower and delight me with its purple blooms.

Hope the photos will fully describe how gorgeous is this flower. Love the colour! Did I tell you that purple is my favourite? Well, this is just that hue, which I like the best. Especially dark one.

It has so many flowers at the same time. Like it was preparing power whole winter.

There still is a lot of buds on it.

Enjoy few more photos.

I've seen a lot of violets in my life and I can say that this one is the most beautiful, because of its colour, wavy edges, fluffy surfaces and that brilliant shine of the petals. Yes, shine, the petals are like covered with thousands of tinsels that are particularly visible under the sun shine. I tried to show that on the next photo. In real life it looks brighter, but that's better than nothing.

Hope you enjoyed this beauty as much as I did. On this optimistic note I'll say bye! Have a great day! And don't forget to mention little pleasant moments! See ya!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog rebirth!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog in English!

I hasten to inform you that my blog will be in English from now. Let's mark this day as an official rebirth of 'Life in colour' blog.

Why have I made such decision? Well, I realized that the amount of English-speaking people I'd like to share my creative ideas with is much bigger than Russian-speaking, and frankly speaking, a lot of Russian-speaking people understand English very well, so they won't have problems following my blog further. The second reason is that I started using a lot of social networks (Flickr, Networked Blogs on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Bloglovin', Ravelry) to share my ideas and exchange experience with other crocheters, knitters, amigurumi makers and other interesting creative people, and of course I want them to understand what I'm writing about.

I already have some posts in Russian and I'm going to leave them as is. I'll translate them shortly (schemes, explanations, recipes) and make a separate post.

Now I'll write a little bit about myself and introduce my blog to my new readers :)

As you can find from short 'About me' I'm a web developer from Ukraine (Eastern Europe). I live and work in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. In my free time (sometimes I have it) I love to crochet, knit, decorate my home, create amigurumi - small cute crocheted/knitted creatures, cook, paint, read, travel and do other pleasant things. My amigurumi family already consists of Girl, Hippo, 3 Ladybirds (Green, Pink and Blue), a Mouse, Acorn and two Cats.

Actually the last two had to leave the family, as they were presented to my friends. Ball cat is on the picture below.

And red cat on wire base. I'll translate tutorials soon.

Moreover I'm working on a new project right now and going to write more about it when finish. Check back for updates soon.

Later I plan to acquaint you with Ukrainian cuisine, Ukrainian places of interest, Ukrainian traditions and a lot of other interesting things. So stay connected and feel free to post your comments. Thanks for visiting me on 'Life in colour'. Wish you colorful pleasant weekends!

Перевод блога

Здравствуйте! Я долго думала над этим вопросом и пришла к выводу, что все-таки мне стоит вести блог на английском языке. Причиной тому великое множество англоязычных блогеров, с которыми бы я хотела делиться результатами своих трудов, а так же множество англоязычных ресурсов, с которых я ссылаюсь на свой блог и хочу чтобы его понимали. Надеюсь мое решение никого не огорчит и не обидит. А если что я всегда готова перевести свои описания и рецепты на русский язык по личному запросу. Так что не стесняйтесь - обращайтесь, если будет желание.

На этой оптимистической ноте официально объявляю о переходе моего блога на английский язык (.......барабанная дробь.....). Старые посты я оставлю в прежнем состоянии, возможно добавлю их перевод отдельными постами. Оставайтесь на связи!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Сегодня у нас прекрасная погода, ясное солнце, много света. Весна радует, хоть пока и не теплом (на улице все еще снег и мороз), но хотя бы светом. Вдобавок к этому сегодняшнее утро ознаменовалось еще одним приятным событием - я заметила, что на фиалке, которая растет у нас в комнате, появились малюсенькие бутончики.