Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring flowers

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting. Hope you all doing good and enjoying today's day.

I spent last weekends visiting my grandma in small town Boyarka, that is near Kyiv (about 30 min by train). She has a huge collection of flowers. She loves to grow flowers and she always had a lot of them.

I found some photos from the last year visit approximately at the same time at the beginning of spring. Some flowers at the backyard were already blooming. First of all - Fritillaria imperialis - a gorgeous orange flower. There are a lot of legends of how did this flower appeared. One Persian legend tells about a beautiful queen and her very jealous husband. Once king got angry at the trifle, undeservedly offended the queen and sent her away from the castle. Gods saw that, they pitied the queen and turned her into a beautiful flower. Her legs rooted into the soil at the entrance to the palace and the crown turned into beautiful golden bells.

Another flower is "Forget-me-not". By the way, it's name means the same "Don't forget me" on many other languages: "незабудка" in Russian, "pomnenka" in Czech, "niezapominajka" in Polish, "Vergiss mein nicht" in German, "Souvenez-vous de moi" in French.

Lovely soft pink gyacinth.

And one more unknown flower. Does anybody know how is it called? Here are some photos. If somebody knows, please comment, I'll be very grateful.

Little color-flower therapy had come to its end! Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day!

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