Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crochet patchwork pillow case

Hi again. There is one more thing I want to share with you today. Finally I've finished my crochet project - patchwork pillow case.

I was inspired by Lucy from Attic24 and her nice pillow. While started working on this project I had some blue, light blue and purple yarn and I wanted to make it all in 3 colors, but I had not enough purple yarn. I haven't found the same color at the store and decided to add some more colors - gray and bluish-gray. I think my pillow looks even better after that, doesn't it?

So I had three kinds of crochet squares: with purple center (22 items), with bluish-gray center (20 item) and with gray center (8 items for corners only)

So I had 50 squares in total

25 for each side of the pillow

When I was done with separate squares, I crocheted them together. It was quite a fast and pleasant process. While crocheting together each block you're doing small steps on the way to finishing the whole thing, actually you're viewing it's slow birth in your hands. That's very exiting and breathtaking. Only at this time you can actually see how will your pillow look like.

After crocheting, I sewed some buttons and here it is - my new long awaited pillow!

Now I'm a happy owner of a crocheted patchwork pillow. Hope you've enjoyed!


  1. What a gorgeous pillow! Love the blue as it is so cooling and relaxing!

  2. Thank you! I like blue also.

  3. Oh lovely colours making a very pretty cushion.
    Think cushion cases will be next on my list....