Monday, March 21, 2011

Violet blooms

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We have a nice sunny day, but it's still cold a little. It was even snowing on Saturday - in the middle of March.

The beautiful violet in our room finally opened its petals and showed the fabulous purple colour.

I already wrote that this is not my violet, I was asked to look after it for some time, and I want to plant my own violet. Maybe the Violet felt my wish and gave me the leaf. It happened few weeks ago when I found small buds on it and was taking some photos. I made a careless move and suddenly realized that there is a leaf in my hand. Now the leaf is planted and lives near his mommy. Hope closeness to the mom and my huge desire will help my little violet to grow in a beautiful flower and delight me with its purple blooms.

Hope the photos will fully describe how gorgeous is this flower. Love the colour! Did I tell you that purple is my favourite? Well, this is just that hue, which I like the best. Especially dark one.

It has so many flowers at the same time. Like it was preparing power whole winter.

There still is a lot of buds on it.

Enjoy few more photos.

I've seen a lot of violets in my life and I can say that this one is the most beautiful, because of its colour, wavy edges, fluffy surfaces and that brilliant shine of the petals. Yes, shine, the petals are like covered with thousands of tinsels that are particularly visible under the sun shine. I tried to show that on the next photo. In real life it looks brighter, but that's better than nothing.

Hope you enjoyed this beauty as much as I did. On this optimistic note I'll say bye! Have a great day! And don't forget to mention little pleasant moments! See ya!


  1. I love the color. This is the most beautiful violet I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing !

  2. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!