Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Comeback

Hi everybody! It's been a while since I last time posted here. Life appeared too busy and a lot of changes have been happened with it. Now it is more stable, so I have time to blog again. Woohoo!
Here is a short story about passed eight month.
In summer I finished my studying and got my Master's Degree in Computer Science - sounds good, doesn't it? :) Last months of studying were very busy and overwhelming - I had to combine writing my diploma with work, searching new apartment, etc. Twenty-four hours in a day were so not enough. The task list was so-so long and growing. But then tasks started completing one by one. The  diploma was finished and successfully submitted. I've got my master's degree, took photos in master's cap and gown - which my mother was waiting for long six years, since I began studying - mission was completed! Shortly after that my boyfriend have got a good job offer. I've got a job offer at the same company few months after that. We were happy to switch to our new job and quit with our previous one - it was too overwhelming, overflowed and over-everything else. We've found a new apartment in good condition and in quite good part of the city not far from work. Here is the view from our fifth floor now.
We finally have real winter here in Ukraine - snowy and frosty (up to -20°C).
Well, life calmed down, I found time for handmade, baking and doing other things, that I couldn't afford doing during that crazy period. We even adopted a cat after all that. Yes, now there are three of us living together - me, V and our little cat-girl. We called her Feature, as a real programmer's cat. Here is a picture of her when we brought her home - little cute fluffy crazy creature. She was 2 months old.
Now she has grown up a little - not so crazy, but still full of energy and playfulness.
I've done some amount of handmade crochet and knitted projects during this time. I'm doing to show you soon, as well as a bunch of recipes.
I'm happy to be in blogland after a long pause and ready to record my life snapshots. See you soon and have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi there ! Long time no see. I'm happy you finally returned =) Look forward to see your upcoming posts. Take care =)