Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend in Priluki

This weekend I've visited my mom in my native small town Priluki. We were celebrating her birthday. She made an awesome chocolate cake. We used to bake such cakes when I was a child. It's easy to make and super tasty. I'll share a recipe with you next time.
She has a beautiful blooming Kalanchoe - a present from one of the friends.
Me and mom have been in a kind of crafting activity since last month. We both do few projects at the same time - a sundress and a bolero. It started right after my mom bought a sewing magazine with a bunch of very simple but nice sundress projects. We chose one of those, made a pattern, mom is almost finished with her dress, I still have to make few finishing stitches. The blue polka dot fabric on the photo below is for my dress.
As for boleros, my mom prefers knitting, so she knits her bolero. Here is a picture of work in progress.
As for me, I like crochet more, so my bolero will be crochet.
But I also like knitting, so I have already bought some blue yarn for the next knitted bolero. Looking forward to finish all this and enjoy wearing them.
After all celebrations we usually go walking around the town and always visit our historical area.
We have a few old churches there. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin built in 1618. It is on a reconstruction at the moment. This building stored local archive lately. Now it is a church again.
Savior Transfiguration Cathedral and the Bell Tower. The monument in front of them is a monument to Ioasaph of Belgorod - a bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, who was born in Priluki. This square was recently reconstructed and the monument is new made.
And another newly reconstructed church. We had a local museum in this building during soviet period and now it became a church again.
Nice, isn't it?
Hope you enjoyed my little excursion around the historical area of Priluki.
See you soon. And have a nice day!

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