Monday, October 14, 2013

Discovering Craftsy

Have you heard about Craftsy?
I've discovered this new community some time ago. It looks very nice, with lots of craft classes, patterns and so on. And a lot of them are free. You can buy or sell patterns, attend classes, etc. I have already tried a free Bag Making class - it shows how to make a reversible tote and a zipper pouch. I liked the quality of the video, detailed explanations, bunch of features like video notes, ability to ask questions, everything is on a high level.
I was surprised to know that they have no fees for sellers - no listings fees, no selling fees, no other fees, you don't need to renew your item in the list paying the fee every half of the year. Wow, that looks attractive! As far as their main activity is selling courses, yarn, etc., they've created that selling featured to get more people to their resource. And that works. I have already added my crochet heart earrings pattern to my Craftsy store. Another advantage of thier pattern store is that they handle the download process, so there is no headaches with emails and so on. People buy and download your pattern from the website. I think that's a good alternative to Etsy and other websites.
What do you think about it? Have you tried any courses or created your store?

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