Friday, February 3, 2012

My January 2012

It's time to recall passed month - January 2012.
It was a month of New Year and Christmas, snow and frost, crochet creations and baking, and my returning to writing the blog.
I'm happy to return to this nice tradition of monthly mosaics making. So here it is - my January 2012 mosaic.
Let's go through the mosaic photos.

1. A crochet star motif - I found this nice pattern here.

2. Christmas cookies. I used the same recipe, as last year. Baking gingerbread cookies for Christmas is my newly developed tradition. Last year I had my first experience of baking gingerbread cookies and it was so adorable, that I decided to keep baking them every year. This year I've made some technology improvements, that made the whole process of baking easier and more pleasant. For example, I used baking parchment, that allowed me to quickly refill pan before baking the next batch of cookies. Also I didn't repeat my mistake with frosting. Last year I made it from sugar and egg white and it came out not very good. This year I used sugar powder instead of sugar and the frosting was perfect. It was smooth and easy to work with, allowing to draw thin lines.

3. Crochet snowflake - a pattern from this beautiful book.

4. A snowflake that landed on my windowsill.

5. Our New Year Tree. First we decided not to buy any new year trees, but then suddenly came across small decorative new year trees in a pot while making final shopping in the supermarket on the New Year's eve. They were so small and cute, that we decided to buy one. It is about 50 centimeters high and successfully growing on our windowsill. A lot of fresh green branches appeared on it since we brought it home - I guess it likes here more, then in the supermarket.

6. View from my window - sunny snowy and freeezing weather.

7. Feature lying on the sun.

8. Baby Ripple Blanket, that I finished this month.

9. Apple pie - sweet and easy. I'll post the recipe shortly in a separate post - it is really super-easy.

January was good - a month of winter holidays, presents, snow and extremely low temperatures. The first month of the year ran pretty quickly.
But we have one more winter month left, so welcome February!

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