Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exploring Barcelona p. 2

Continuing my story about our Barcelona trip.
Next day we visited Montjuïc mountain. It can be reached by Bus Turistic (red line) or by a telerific funicular, that goes high above the sea with great views. There are a lot of interesting places on Montjuïc. We visited Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, that is housed in a beautiful Palau Nacional, that was built for the exhibition in 1929.
A great view on the Plaça d'Espanya opens from the front yard of the museum. You can see Tibidabo mountain on the horizon and the Sagrat Sor cathedral on the top of it.
And there is a gorgeous cascade fountain in front of the castle.
It was a little bit rainy that day and the clouds looks stunning.
Also we visited Poble Espanyol - an open air museum, that shows examples of buildings from different parts of Spain.
There are a lot of workshops, where people make and sell a lot of handmade things: ceramics, jewelry, masks, clothes, etc.
See what we've found right on the street - an orange tree full of ripe oranges.
In the evening we went to one of the restaurants near out hotel. We ordered grilled seafood and fish dish and a bottle of red Rioja wine. Mmm, grilled baby octopuses, shrimps, lobsters, mussels and two kinds of fish. That was the most yummy dinner. Absolutely pleasant evening!
To be continued...

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