Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flower Festival in Girona

Hello everyone! I'm back to tell you about our recent vacation in Spain, share some pictures and impressions. I like travelling in spring, especially in late spring, when the nature has already woken up after winter, flowers and trees are blooming and the grass and leaves are of that fresh bright green color that is specific for spring.
So our visit begun in a small Catalonian town of Girona, that is located not far from Barcelona (about 100 kilometers). Before the trip I was searching for any special events, that could be held here at this time of the year. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Girona is a place where Flower Festival is annually held since 1955.
The festival is held on the third week of May. This is a period when all the town is full of different flower expositions and crowds of tourists who want to see all this beauty. Some narrow medieval streets were really crowdy, that actually explains the busyness of the hotels at this period of time.
Overall the town is very nice with a huge gorgeous cathedrals, old stone buildings, a lot of flowers, nice street cafes and yummy Catalonian food and wine.
We had a pleasant dinner at one of the ancient squares surrounded with the old houses. We ordered traditional tapas and a bottle of Catalonian wine and had a relaxing cozy evening in the heart of Catalonia.
Next day we enjoyed a Flower Festival, walked trough the town and viewed various flower displays and exhibitions.
Some of the displays were really impressive. For example this one with burned wooden boxes that haven't yet stopped fuming and contrasting white letters and white tree on them. As far as I understood that was and appeal against smoking.
Beautiful flowers were almost everywhere. Here are a few more pictures from the Flower Festival.
We loved Girona, a nice cozy peaceful town and we'll be happy to visit it again.
After a good portion of flower art we continued our journey moving to Barcelona - the capital of Catalonia. I'm going to tell you this story in the next posts.
Have a great end of the day!

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