Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi! Hope you're doing good today.

Last few days we've got a crazy weather here in Kiev. Sun-rain-snow-sun-rain-snow... It changed every half an hour. And this is almost in the middle of April. You may not believe that we've got snow, but we did. :) The sky looks like this all the time. White clouds suddenly are changed with dark clouds, than no clouds at all and only sun shines, than again clouds, and so on.

You also can see naked trees on the above photos. Yes, they don't have leaves yet, the buds just begin to appear on our trees, as well as green fresh grass. Some of you may not believe, because I've seen a lot of photos with flowers and green leaves on other blogs. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for this pleasures, but, thanks God, it's already warm enough and the distinctive spring smell is in the air. Have you ever felt that special spring smell? I can't describe it and I don't know where does it come from, but I'm sure that it is definitely spring smell.

I have a beautiful chestnut tree in front of my window. See the nice chestnut buds. Later I'll show you gorgeous blossoms. Do you know that Kiev is the Chestnut City? There are a lot of this trees in Kiev. They all usually start blossoming in early May with fascinating white and pink chestnut "pyramids", that have unforgettable aroma.

And a few words about my crochet deals. Here's my new yarn for a secret crochet project, that I mentioned in a previous post.

And here is a small flower I haven't finished yet. I started making it just for fun. An idea came to my head, I took the hook and began immediately.

Also I decided to translate all my previous posts that are in Russian. I've already translated some of them. So check back soon for my new old translated posts. Have a nice day and don't forget to mention little pleasant moments!

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