Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kiev Botanic Garden

Today I've visited Kiev Botanic Garden, also known as State Botanical Garden or the Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. We visit it every year usually on the 9-10th of May, cuz that's the time when lilac (there is a huge collection of it here) is blooming and, believe me, that's worth seeing... and smelling. This year we're going to visit our Botanic Garden as usual, but we decided to make one more visit today and see the magnolias blooming. And that was unbelievable! Magnolias were gorgeous - white, pink, dark pink. The ground was covered with their petals like with the snow. Well, I won't explain better then the photos will do. Just have a look. Aren't they beautiful?

Of course, we've found not only magnolias. Next set of photos is especially for tulip lovers.

A little bit more of yellow...

A little bit of white...

The next one is not actually white. It is of a special and very interesting pale pink color. There wasn't anything green on that tree. Even the leaves were a little pinky. Very nice tree.

Some more orange/pink...

Some blue...

And my favorite. Guess what? Purple, of course. Oh, what a color! What the flowers... Our nature is fabulous, definitely.

And a little bit of views. The sky was very strange today.

As you see, I've got a great portion of flower/nature/colour therapy today, it gave me a lot of positive energy and pleasure, that I'm sending to you through this photos. Have a great day! I'll show you more photos from the Garden when lilacs will bloom.


  1. Thank you for the lovely fotos. Spring is the time of the year I love most.

  2. What beautiful colours! Spring is such a great time of year.