Saturday, April 9, 2011

My first snowdrops this year

Last weekends I had a pleasure of viewing, smelling and taking photos of nice spring snowdrops. That was the first time we met this year.

I'd like you to share this pleasant moment with you. Let's call this flower therapy. :)

I've got at rose tree a home. But it's not feeling good for some reason. Buds just fall down after growing a little. Hope spring will give it new power and new birth.

Not long time ago I bought some bright colorful pins. That's part of them for taking out. I also purchased some new yarn for a new secret project. This gonna be a present for one special event, that's why it's secret. But I can say that it will be amigurumi. Two of them. Hope I'll have enough patience to keep this secret till the end. :)

One more pleasant thing - my lovely white cat sleeping. What can be more relaxing, than a warm fluffy soft creature peacefully sleeping nearby. Sometimes I think that we should learn to relax from them. :)

Have a great relaxing weekend!

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