Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things I enjoy this weekend

Today I'm enjoying...
... crocheting heart shaped cup coaster;
... crocheting few more squares for my blanket;
... home brewed coffee;
... tiny chocolate muffins (recipe in the previous post);
.... trying new frosting for my muffins (recipe here - everything that is written about the taste and consistency of this frosting is true - mild, smooth and light as air);
... color pencils - I feel an inexplicable need to draw some nice colorful pictures like in childhood;
... looking trough my notes regarding Valentine's day ideas;
... watching Feature playing with a little pink crochet circle I made for her, she adores such things, and I can actually continue crocheting after she gets piece of what I have - that's a kind of fee;
... weather outside my window - a lot of snow again.
Hope you are finding something enjoyable in your weekends as well!